Business Advice and Support in Puerto Rico

De Angel & Compañía, CPA

Business Advice and Support in Puerto Rico

Our business advice and support abilities in Puerto rico will help companies improve efficiencies, manage initiatives and achieve business plans. Our business advice supports the needs of a business across the growth lifecycle, helping build a foundation for growth, overcome barriers to growth and create, protect and restore value. De Angel & Compañía can help determine opportunities, execute growth strategies, manage risk, improve performance and leverage technology for your business in Puerto Rico.

When starting a business in Puerto Rico, De Angel & Compañía can help you select the proper business structure and secure adequate financing. We work with you and your banker, lawyer, insurance agent, and other advisors to solve your business challenges and achieve your goals.

In this area, which is necessary for today’s operations, not only due to new demands and new government regulation but also due to lack of time the business man has to invest in these details, we provide the following support services and advice:

  • Requirements for bidders of government auctions.
  • Consultations and permits for business use.
  • Cancellation or adjustment of debt and implementation of tax payments plans.
  • Filing of returns and tax payments.
  • Requests for prescription and exemption.
  • Elections for special partnership, or corporation of individual.
  • Incorporations and certificates of Good Standing.
  • Withholding exemption certificate total or partial (retention to companies).
  • Debt Certification of Treasury Department, Department of State, CRIM, Workmen’s Compensation and “ASUME “.
  • Certified copies of tax returns and other tax agency matters.
  • Consultations at government agencies and research and document analysis.

If you need professional business advise and support in Puerto Rico, please give us a call at 787-758-4428.


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