Audit Services in Puerto Rico

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Audit Services in Puerto Rico

An audit is an official third-party examination of a company’s financial records and verification of accounts and records, and reporting activities especially of financial accounts An audit service in Puerto Rico may be conducted for disclosure, compliance, taxation, legal or other purposes. The examiner will check for accuracy and full representation of financial activities and claims.

For many businesses a financial audit is a legal requirement. Every person engaged in a trade or business in Puerto Rico whose volume of business exceeds $3,000,000 must file financial statements, certified by a certified public accountant (CPA) licensed in Puerto Rico, along with their income tax, property tax, and volume of business returns. All foreign corporations must also file a balance sheet of their Puerto Rico operations, certified by a CPA licensed in Puerto Rico, together with the Annual Corporation Report.

Audited financial statements are required for number of reasons, for example: (a) when taking loans from bank; (b) compliance to authorities; (c) to give assurance to stockholders, creditors and private investors that the financial statements accurately represent the true financial position of your business and that funds are not misappropriated and are used in the right manner.

Auditing is an important business function that involves the evaluation of evidence and documentation about the economic and transaction activities of business. An audit shows reasonable assurance that financial statements and disclosures are free from material misstatement. Auditors’ attestations lend credibility to the information disseminated by businesses and reduces the informational lack of equality that might otherwise exist between the users and issuers of financial statements.

Audit services are important for your business to show credibility and build reputation. Companies that successfully address audit issues, improve the quality of their financial reporting and stand to gain credibility. Audit services identify key areas for improvement in your company. It also shows the true picture of the company. In addition, it helps calculate correct amount of tax to be paid to government.

With expert audit services your business will benefit because it will help you make critical decisions, evaluate your company’s financial performance, and help you solve complex business challenges and give you important insight that will keep your business moving forward.

De Ángel & Compañía, CPA, LLC has provided audit services to many companies in Puerto Rico. The audit plans of our company are prepared based on our client needs and with these in mind we have included internal and external consultants. The audits services we provide in Puerto Rico are supervised directly by the Managing Partner, its managerial staff and associates to ensure implementation of their experiences to the client’s situation. The scope of our audit services in Puerto Rico is not limited to the expression of and opinion or comments, but also includes recommendations based on expert assessments of internal control systems. In many cases these recommendations will allow the client to improve operational efficiency in the short term and, in the long term, achieve their productivity goals.

Our commitment to quality program assures the client and users of financial statements that our work is done with independence, integrity and following all the standards of our profession.

The auditing services we provide encompass the following:

  • Financial Statements
  • Operational and Compliance Audits Agree-Upon Procedures
  • Fraud Investigation
  • Federal Audits (A-133)
  • Review and compilation or compilation of financial statements
  • Agree-Upon Procedures
  • Review and preparation of monthly accounting
  • Certification Examination Procedures Expense

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