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De Angel & Compañía History

De Angel & Compañía was founded on July 10, 1975 by Miguel De Angel Torres, CPA. His first office was located on the eighth floor of the Citibank Tower in Hato Rey, Puerto Rico. On this location Miguel De Angel and his father, Angel De Angel, CPA, built out a strong reputation within the Business Industry on the island.

Angel De Angel, with license number 17, was one of the first individuals to obtain the prestigious CPA license in Puerto Rico. He passed away in 1985, and his son, Miguel De Angel, continued his legacy.

Mr. Miguel De Angel took care of his family business and raised it into the next level. His enthusiasm and love for his profession, gained him the respect and admiration of his fellow CPA friends in Puerto Rico and Latin America. He became President of the “Peer Review Committee” in Puerto Rico in 1999. This committee overview the public interest in the quality of the accounting, auditing, and attestation services provided by public accounting firms. Also he was recognized by the “Colegio de Contadores Públicos Autorizados de Puerto Rico” for his outstanding contribution in the educational area.

In his personal life, Miguel had a beautiful family. He was married to María Ramírez Torres and the proud father of five children. One of his sons, Carlos De Angel, followed his steps and became CPA in February 1999. Carlos De Angel, CPA, graduated from the University of Puerto Rico, with a major in Accounting. He worked for the international auditing firm Ernst & Young for seven years, where he became auditor and later Audit Manager for such respected company.

In 2004, Miguel passed away and Carlos took over his father legacy. Since then, Carlos has been the Principal Partner of De Angel & Compañía. Carlos is very active within the business circles, not only in Puerto Rico but in an international level. He is married to Yaribsa Sánchez and has two daughters, Sara and María.

Under his leadership at De Angel & Compañía, he developed an outstanding team of professionals serving industries such as wholesale and retail, manufacturing, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, government agencies, professional services, telecommunications, non-profit organizations and more. He became part of the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors in 2010 and was President of the Internal Audit Committee, among other committees.

Mr. Carlos De Angel is member of the “Colegio de CPA de Puerto Rico”, AICPA Peer Review Program, and is also member of ALTAC International. ALTAC International is a consortium of select accounting and law firms in the Americas and Europe uniquely equipped to deal with the geographical, cultural, and linguistic barriers of doing business internationally.

Carlos De Angel, CPA has been responsible for the implementation of the latest technology in order to bring De Angel & Compañía clients the best experience in audit, tax, accounting, consulting, and business advice services in Puerto Rico and United States.

De Angel & Compañía, is located at 1890 Glasgow Ave. College Park, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00921. The phone number is 787-758-4428.